Children with disabilities in an environment that disregards their needs

Refugees and Citizens United by a Tragedy Preceding the War

Imadeddine Raef

The Syrian girl Y.D. (13) lives in a tent with eight other members of her family who are not registered on the lists of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the fact that deprives them of the basic assistance on the one hand and refugee status on the other. The family, living in Younine camp in the Beqaa where no one in her family is productive economically, is hunger stricken. As a consequence, her sister M.D. suffers malnutrition. Yasmine suffers severe spine curvature that causes her constant pain and mobility difficulties. She used to be able to stand and walk on her feet to perform domestic chores that were required of her, the fact that exacerbated the curvature in her back. In addition to her stepmother’s mistreatment and verbal abuse, her father prevented her from leaving the tent for «social» reasons, which led to her complete isolation in a corner of the tent, urinary incontinence and shame from her disability